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Travis Kelce addresses relationship with Taylor Swift after pop star’s appearance at Arrowhead Stadium

Travis Kelce arguably was the most famous person in the world Sunday — that wasn’t named Taylor Swift. The “Swifties” were buzzing about their icon’s new man, who just happens to be one of the best football players on the planet and one of the greatest tight ends ever. 

Swift was seen in Arrowhead Stadium, cheering and going nuts for Kelce — who caught a touchdown pass — in the Kansas City Chiefs‘ 41-10 demolition of the Chicago Bears. While Kelce had a good day on the field, he may have had a better day off of it.

Swift showed up in the locker room and walked out of the stadium with Kelce, creating the rumors that the pair are dating. Travis didn’t shut down those rumors when brother Jason Kelce brought up the elephant in the room on this week’s “New Heights” podcast, but he didn’t deny them either. 

“Yeah, my personal life — that’s not so personal,” Travis said with a laugh. “I did this to myself Jason, I know this. What’s real is that you know it is my personal life.

“And I want to respect both of our lives. She’s not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week.”

Swift was in Travis’ suite at Arrowhead Stadium with Kelce’s mother, Donna. The two were shown on camera cheering on Travis, as Donna appeared to give her seal of approval to Taylor. 

“I just thought it was awesome how everyone in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her,” Travis said. “She looked amazing, everybody was talking about her in a great light. On top of that, the day went perfect for Chiefs fans of course. 

“We script it all ladies and gentlemen. It was just impressive.”

Since Swift and Kelce were seen together after Sunday’s game, Travis said paparazzi has been appearing outside his house. His life has changed, for better or worse. 

“I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend,” Travis said. “So everything moving forward, I think talking about sports and saying ‘alright now’ will have to be kind of where I keep it.”

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Author: Jeff Kerr
September 28, 2023 | 8:30 am

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