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Wes Welker explains why he didn’t attend Tom Brady’s roast, was ‘disappointed’ in his former teammate’s event


Wes Welker caught 567 catches for 6,345 yards and 34 touchdowns in 78 games played with Tom Brady, but the wide receiver was not willing to catch any stray jokes that may have come his way at the quarterback’s roast. Many of Brady’s teammates were on stage during the event, including Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman.

Notably absent was Welker, who comes in fourth for Brady’s favorite end zone target with 38 touchdowns. Only Gronk (105), Edelman (41) and Moss (40) have caught more touchdown passes from TB12. 

As such a prominent member of the New England Patriots, Welker was someone many expected to see during the star-studded night. He explained his absence, saying he was not up for the types of jokes being said, perhaps not wanting a few key drops from his career in New England to be brought back to light. 

“I was not asked to be a presenter. I was asked to sit on the side and get roasted, which I’m glad I wasn’t there. To each their own, I guess,” Welker said.

The five-time Pro Bowler added that he was “disappointed” in what the roast became. 

“There was some funny stuff and everything, but you know, it was what it was,” the Miami Dolphins wide receiver coach said.

Brady also had some negative things to say about the roast, saying he did not like how it affected his children. He also noted that he will never do another one. 

Welker played for the Patriots from 2007 to 2012, never winning a Super Bowl in that time. In his career, he also played for the Chargers, then in San Diego, the Dolphins, the Denver Broncos and the Rams, then in St. Louis. 

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Author: Shanna McCarriston
June 5, 2024 | 5:40 pm

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