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Top running backs in Prisco’s Top 100 list for 2024: Plenty of omissions after Christian McCaffrey

Ranking season is in full swing around the NFL, none bigger than Pete Prisco’s Top 100 list. Prisco ranks the elite players in the NFL every June, with some controversy, of course (this is a rankings list, after all).

The running backs take center stage next. Who did Prisco rank as his top running backs in the league? Christian McCaffrey is the clear No. 1, but who was ranked No. 2? Where did Saquon Barkley end up?ย 

Below are Prisco’s top running backs and how he ranked them, starting with McCaffrey.

You can see Prisco’s entire Top 100 list by clicking here.

McCaffrey and Henry were the only two running backs to make Prisco’s Top 100 list, the top two leading rushers from last season. There were plenty of omissions from Prisco’s Top 100 list, a position that has been devalued in recent years.ย 

Prisco did have several running backs as his honorable mentions. Here were the ones elected:ย 

Interesting to see James Cook omitted after a season in which the Bills running back rushed for 1,122 yards (fourth in NFL) and 4.7 yards per carry. D’Andre Swift had 1,049 rushing yards (fifth in NFL) and was also omitted. ย 

Will be interesting to see if more than two running backs make Prisco’s Top 100 next season. Quite a few running backs will be stating their case.ย 

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Author: Jeff Kerr
June 20, 2024 | 9:50 am

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