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2024 NBA Draft Second Round Live Results: Mogbo To Raptors, Filipowski To Jazz, Bronny To Lakers

The second round of the 2024 NBA Draft begins at 4:00 PM EST with Kyle Filipowski and Bronny James among the notable names still on the board.

Second Round

31. Raptors (from Pistons via Knicks and Clippers): Jonathan Mogbo
32. Jazz (from Wizards via Pistons and Nets): Kyle Filipowski
33. Bucks (from Blazers via Kings): Tyler Smith
34. Knicks (from Hornets via Nuggets, Thunder, Pelicans, Blazers): Tyler Kolek
35. Pacers (from Spurs): Johnny Furphy
36. Spurs (from Raptors via 76ers, Clippers, Grizzlies and Pacers): Juan Nunez
37. Pistons (from Grizzlies via Lakers, Wizards, Thunder, Wolves): Bobi Klintman
38. Thunder (from Jazz, Knicks): Ajay Mitchell
39. Grizzlies (from Nets via Rockets): Jaylen Wells
40. Suns (from Hawks, Blazers, Knicks): Oso Ighodaro
41. 76ers (from Bulls via Celtics, Spurs and Pelicans): Adem Bona
42. Hornets (from Rockets via Thunder): KJ Simpson
43. Hawks (from Heat): Nikola Durisic
44. Heat (from Warriors via Hawks, Rockets, Hawks): Pelle Larsson
45. Raptors (from Kings): Jamal Shead
46. Clippers (from Pacers via Grizzlies and Bucks): Cam Christie
47. Magic: Antonio Reaves
48. Spurs (from Lakers via Grizzlies): Harrison Ingram
β€” 76ers (forfeited)
49. Pacers (from Cavaliers): Tristen Newton
50. Pacers (from Pelicans): Enrique Freeman
51. Mavericks (from Suns, Wizards, Knicks): Melvin Ajinca
52. Thunder (from Bucks via Pacers, Warriors): Quinten Post
53. Grizzlies (from Knicks via 76ers, Hornets, Pistons, Wolves): Cam Spencer
54. Celtics (from Mavericks via Kings): Anton Watson
55. Lakers (from Clippers): Bronny James
56. Suns (from Timberwolves via Thunder, Nuggets): Kevin McCullar
57. Raptors (from Thunder via Rockets, Hawks, Grizzlies): Ulrich Chomache
β€” Suns (from Nuggets via Magic; forfeited by Suns)
58. Knicks (from Celtics via Hornets, Mavericks): Ariel Hukporti

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June 27, 2024 | 6:30 pm

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