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Former league MVP Cam Newton reveals which QB he feels is the greatest dual threat of all time


Cam Newton is on the short list of the greatest dual-threats in NFL history. Newton, though, doesn’t feel that he is the best dual threat in league annals.ย 

Instead of giving it to himself, the longtime Carolina Panthers quarterback and former league MVP gave that honor to the NFL’s reigning league MVP.ย 

Lamar Jackson,” Newton said on his podcast.ย 

Newton then explained why he chose Jackson over himself.ย 

“Well, Lamar’s style is a little different than mine,” Newton said. “He’s got big play, any play. He’s got speed that I never had, and he’s just electric. And then, I played the game more powerful. I can run, but I’m probably going to get caught. Lamar, (Michael) Vick, they’re ain’t getting caught.”ย 

Newton may not have been as quick as Jackson, but he was actually more productive as a runner as far as touchdowns are concerned. In fact, Newton’s 75 career rushing touchdowns are the most in NFL history by a quarterback, 22 more than the next-closest quarterback, Buffalo’s Josh Allen. Jackson’s 29 touchdown runs put him in a tie with Pittsburgh’s Russell Wilson and former Eagles/Washington quarterback Donovan McNabb for the 20th-most among quarterbacks.ย 

As a rookie, Newton ran for 14 touchdowns, which stood as the single season record for touchdown runs by a quarterback until Allen and Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts both ran for 15 scores this past season. Newton and Hurts are the only quarterbacks to run for at least 10 touchdowns in three different seasons.ย 

While successful, Newton’s physical style likely contributed to his somewhat abbreviated career. Newton last played in the NFL in 2021, at age 32. The Ravens, in an effort to help prolong Jackson’s career, changed their offense last season to include more pass attempts and less running plays featuring Jackson, who in 2019 broke Vick’s single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback.ย 

Baltimore’s approach paid dividends, as Jackson stayed healthy, won league MVP and led the Ravens to the AFC’s No. 1 seed. Jackson also still showed that he is still the league’s best running quarterback, even if he doesn’t run as much as he used to. Last season, Jackson led the NFL in yards-per-carry average for the third time in his career.ย 

Jackson may have the title as the game’s greatest dual threat, but the greatest dual threat that won a Super Bowl remains former 49ers quarterback Steve Young, who threw six touchdowns and was also the game’s leading rusher in Super Bowl XXIX.ย 

Jackson, who has yet to get to the big game, is surely looking to take that title from Young before his career is over.ย 

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Author: Bryan DeArdo
July 4, 2024 | 4:00 pm

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