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LOOK: Raiders rookie Jackson Powers-Johnson accidentally knocks over trainer during first minicamp practice

Jackson Powers-Johnson had a notable first practice as a member of the Las Vegas Raiders, for several reasons. 

During the first day of Raiders minicamp, Powers-Johnson lined up at guard, which is noteworthy given that he was the top-ranked center prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. The former Oregon standout also made headlines after he accidentally made contact with a trainer. 

“It’s awesome, I’m gonna be honest,” Powers-Johnson said about getting back to football. “I love physicality, I love violence. I think that’s how the sport should be played. Putting on just the helmet and getting going, it’s exciting. … It’s been fun getting to get hit a little bit, even if it’s a bag or, sorry to that trainer, too. I’ll take him out to dinner.” 

We’ll have to follow-up to see if Powers-Jackson takes said trainer out to dinner. When it comes to potentially changing positions, the Rimington Trophy winner (given annually to college football’s top center) is taking that possibility in stride. 

“Felt great,” Powers-Johnson said about lining up at guard. “I haven’t played left guard in a bit, but it’s a new challenge and it’s exciting. When you get to step out of your comfort zone or do something you haven’t done as much, that’s fun for me. That’s what football’s all about. That’s what life is all about. … Yeah, it’s been pretty seamless, but there’s stuff I need to work on, and that’s really exciting to me.” 

Jackson-Powers sounds, looks and apparently practices like a Raider. On Friday, he addressed the media sporting long hair, facial hair and a cutoff shirt. He’s a throwback to the John Madden Raiders, a renegade team that took the NFL by storm during the 1970s. 

Also like Madden’s teams, Jackson-Powers has a passion for the game that is easy to see. He alluded to that passion when he was asked about handling everything that comes with being a high draft pick. 

“Blessed, never stressed,” he said. “This is just a huge, new opportunity for me. For me to be out here, for all the hard work, preparation and dedication that I’ve put in my entire life, now I get to actually go have fun and go play football. The dream has been achieved, but now there’s new drams to get after. Yeah, there was a little bit of sentiment walking out today, but now it’s just onto the next.” 

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Author: Bryan DeArdo
May 10, 2024 | 5:40 pm

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