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Patriots unveil new alternate logo: Here’s the latest design added to the team


New coach. New quarterback. New era. New (alternate) logo. The New England Patriots 2024 season can be summed up by the first word of the team’s location: New.

For all those Patriots fans who do not want more change, don’t worry, it is not the main logo. That still belongs to what is known as the “Flying Elvis.”

This new logo that the team appears to be “soft launching,” or slowly bringing into the franchise, is seen in social media posts and in the facilities.

The logo can be seen at the bottom of the post and features “NE” for “New England” with their current logo where the “N” and “E” connect. The circular logo says “New England Patriots Est. 1960” and has a star in one of the outer circles.

Former Patriot Brandon Spikes posted photos of a recent visit to Gillette Stadium and in the photos was a wall with the logo. 

A lot of people were not happy with the idea of this being on the Patriots helmet, so much so that the team’s social media team got involved. They posted a meme saying they were not changing the logo, seemingly clearing up any confusion that they would be using this as the main look.

The Patriots saw great success with the “Flying Elvis” logo on their helmets and jerseys, so it is no surprise that fans may be hesitant to leave that in the past. 

Like all sports teams, the Patriots have gone through their fair share of logos, from the tri-corner hat, to Pat Patriot. They have honored their old logo with alternate helmets and red uniforms, to pay homage to the teams before them.

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Author: Shanna McCarriston
May 10, 2024 | 6:55 pm

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