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2024 NBA Finals Odds: Your NBA Betting Guide

Will it be banner No. 18 for the Joe Mazzulla-steered Celtics, a repeat of the Jokic-led Nuggets, or an unbelievable upset from the five other teams slugging it out at their respective conference semis?

Although ESPN bets the Green-and-White will edge the Lakers in the Winningest NBA Team Ever accolade with -130 odds, our research indicates a potential upset from the dark horses in this March to Finals grouping.

So, which team should you bet on? Find out in our comprehensive guide to the NBA 2024 Finals aspiring teams.

Boston Celtics (-125)

Relying on our experience, the Celtics remain the team to beat, although it’s been a decades-old tug-of-war with their West Coast rival. Still, Tatum and Co. dispatched the Cavs in five, setting up a face-off with the Knicks-Pacers tiff (deadlocked at three).

The team had a few scares in the regular season, but its stellar frontcourt remains the most formidable and well-balanced among the NBA Championship aspirants. If Tatum and Brown can continue mitigating off-nights, it will be no surprise if Boston hangs its 18th banner in the rafters by season’s end.

Based on our observations shared by NBA experts and insiders, the Celtics will romp with the plum in six, regardless of who they face in the Finals.

Denver Nuggets (+250)

The Timberwolves’ gluelike defense clamped down the Nuggets in the first two games of their Semis match. The Nuggets responded, taking two on the road, with the chance to advance to the Finals in the next two games. Sadly, the Wolves struck again, evening out the series and forcing a do-or-die match.

Regardless, the NBA’s third-best team for the current season won’t go down in flames that quickly. Jokic and Murray can get freakishly hot, scorching opposing players with their floor dynamics.

Our research shows that the Nuggets have the second-best odds of raising the Larry O’Brien trophy and getting showered by confetti at the Finals buzzer.

Oklahoma City Thunder (+900)

Beating the defending Champions in the regular season standings is no easy feat. Although the Thunder remains second fiddle to the Celtics, the team’s silent but deadly floor command deserves attention. True, nobody shone a spotlight on the team when the season started, but look where the Thunder is now.

Based on our own experience, season-best teams have a much higher likelihood of progressing through the Finals. Gilgeous-Alexander continues to show brilliance, and so do Holmgren and Williams.

So, why not use that “nodepositz” promo code for Stake and cash in on the team’s phenomenal rise? True, they’re a long shot away from the trophy. But if you’re the kind who roots for the underdog, the Thunder could be it.

Minnesota Timberwolves (+1,400)

At the beginning of the 2023–2024 season and as a result of our tests, we have determined that the Nuggets will go for a repeat. After all, the Championship-winning core largely remains intact.

Lo and behold! Games 1 and 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals showed how vulnerable the Nuggets are. What’s more intriguing is that the Wolves wiped out any psychological advantage the home court brings.

Edwards is dominating. Gobert is also imposing. And with Game 7 deciding whether the Wolves or Nuggets will advance, we’re a sucker for underdogs.

Unsurprisingly, experienced bettors put the Wolves in the mid-pack.

Dallas Mavericks (+1,600)

Doncic is phenomenal. Add Irving, and you get a dynamic duo that only a few teams can match. As of writing, the Mavs are scorching the path toward a Conference Finals appearance, leading the Thunder by a game.

Does the NBA No. 2 Thunder have the energy to stop the rampaging Slovenian? Can the Mavs sustain their fancy plays, pinpoint shooting accuracy, and commendable D?

In our practical experience, we’d give the Mavs higher odds of advancing, but it all boils down to what the opponents have in store. The field upfront has NBA Championship-worthy teams. Is Doncic plus Irving enough?

New York Knicks (+2,200)

The Knicks have been perennial playoff contenders for many years except during rebuilds. Although the Knicks-Heat rivalry cannot match the Lakers-Celtics dynamics, New York has several aces up its sleeve this season.

Winning the last NBA title in 1973, the Knicks’ rise this season is a much-needed breather. Unsurprisingly, many die-hard Knicks fans believe Brunson can carry the team to the Finals, even if that means going head-to-head with the Celtics.

Still, according to our experience interviewing fans and NBA experts, 2024 could be a breakout year for New York.

Indiana Pacers (+9,000)

The black sheep in the NBA 2024 post-season, the Pacers are nothing short of a miracle. With Haliburton calling the shots, thinking highly of this team is not impossible. After all, they are the NBA’s second-best team during the inaugural In-Season Tournament, bowing only to the Lakers.

As our tests have shown, underdogs can upset the game’s Goliaths. We wouldn’t be surprised if Haliburton et al. pulled out a magic rabbit from their hats to beat the Celtics in the Conference Finals and set a showdown with the Western Conference champion.

It’s a Haliburton vs. Brunson in the Semis. What’s next will is yet to be written.

The final Game 7s of the Conference Semifinals are still underway. The odds of the teams making it to the finals remain a mystery. But that’s the joy of betting. You could root for your favorite team now or be wise about placing wagers on proven First 5s with the best chances of raising the Larry O’Brien trophy when the season ends.

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Author: Team Dunkest
May 25, 2024 | 7:00 am

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