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Adam Silver: New TV Deals ‘A Bet’ On Partners ‘We Align With’, Possess ‘Ability To Adjust With Times’

During Adam Silver’s media availability before Game 1 of the NBA Finals, he was asked about the league’s ongoing broadcast rights negotations. The NBA is close to finalizing deals with ESPN, NBC and Amazon worth $76 billion over seasons, though a report surfaced this week that TNT hasn’t been ruled on a fourth package. 

“Of course, there’s discussions with our incumbents and other interested parties,” said Silver.

“It is incredibly complex. I look at my colleague Bill Koenig sitting in the front row, president of our media division, who has been literally working around the clock on this, along with a team of others at the league office. And it’s complicated for several reasons. One is the advent of new platforms, particularly streaming, and the interest of streaming companies, and then the traditional media companies also carrying our games on streaming platforms.

“It’s complicated with multiple partners all seeking similar assets. In many cases, just figuring out the right way to balance those games as they go to different partners.

“Then lastly, as you’ve said, we tend to do long-term deals. We think that’s good for the stability of the league, but it means to a certain extent you’re trying to predict the future, which is of course impossible.

“So part of it is a bet on the partners that we will ultimately align with and their ability also to adjust with the times and their willingness to continue to invest in media and also become global, which to my earlier point is very important to the league, as well.”

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June 7, 2024 | 12:30 am

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