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Colts’ Anthony Richardson says NFL is easier than college; explains why despite rookie year full of injuries

Anthony Richardson has only played four games in his NFL career. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback already believes the NFL is easier than college football, but not for the reasons one may think.ย 

Richardson did say he gets to focus on his job playing quarterback in the NFL, not worrying about the jobs of others so he can execute the play at his position. Still, the words are out there playing in the NFL is “easier” than college.ย 

“Playing in the NFL? I feel like it’s easier than college,” Richardson said on the Club 520 Podcast. “For real, for real. In college, you got players, like, they good, and they know they good but they’re not as confident. They gotta rely on other players do to this — for them to do that.ย 

“In the league, everybody tryna work to stay in the league. Tryna keep their job. That just lets my know, I ain’t gotta do too much. I’m gonna do my job and he gotta do his job. It’s gonna work.”ย 

Richardson has only started and finished one game in his NFL career, being taken out of the other three games he’s started due to various injuries. He hasn’t made it past the first half in two of those starts.ย 

Regardless of the injuries, Richardson is dynamic when he is on the field. Richardson completed 59.5% of his passes for 577 yards with three touchdowns and an interception in his four games, showcasing his dual-threat ability with 136 rushing yards and four touchdowns (5.4 yards per carry). The Colts were just a win away from the playoffs with Richardson missing 13 games.ย 

Last season was certainly a whirlwind for Richardson with all the injuries, but now he gets to enjoy the benefits of an NFL offseason. Perhaps that’s also where Richardson was coming from regarding his comments.ย 

“There’s a number of things I could call out there, like resting up, resting up my body,” Richardson said at Colts minicamp last week, via a Colts transcript provided by the team. “Last year was a long year for me — (NFL) Draft prep, combine prep, all that stuff, then wrapping up into OTAs, minicamp here.ย 

“So, getting my body time to rest and also getting a few weeks without having to stress about a game to learn about the playbook a little bit more so. Also learning my teammates and learning more about them and just connecting with them as well.ย 

“So, there’s a number of things I’ve gained from last year.”

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Author: Jeff Kerr
June 12, 2024 | 2:41 pm

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