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J.J. Redick ‘Very Impressive’ In Interview With Lakers, Remains Frontrunner For Job

J.J. Redick met with the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday between Games 4 and 5 of the Finals. Redick and the Lakers have yet to reach agreement on a deal.

“J.J. Redick went in to L.A. on Saturday and had in-person meetings for multiple hours with the Lakers’ brass, with Rob Pelinka [and] ownership as well,” said Shams Charania on the Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday. “I’m told his meetings on Saturday were very impressive. All the characteristics you see in J.J. Redick, that you could envision in J.J. Redick, those all shine there.”

While the Lakers reportedly made a contract offer to Dan Hurley, Charania maintains Redick has been the frontrunner throughout the process.

“Listen, as far as where his situation and where he stands in this process, I said it May 24th, I said it June 4th, and his status as a frontrunner to be the next Lakers’ coach has not changed since those dates. It has not changed now,” said Charania.

“I think what the Lakers are doing now… Rob Pelinka and what that group is doing now is taking the next few days after the NBA Finals now that J.J. Redick is done with his Finals duties and now finally get to making a decision and getting to it as far as a head coach. They do want to have their head coach in place by the draft. The draft is next week, so the last thing you want to do is be going through a coaching hire on draft week. So time is of the essence for the Lakers.”

Some people close to Redick have asked him whether he’s sure he thinks coaching the Lakers is a good idea. According to Charania, Redick wants the challenge that comes with being an NBA head coach and with the Lakers.

“At the end day, he has to want to coach really badly, and from what I’m told, he does,” added Charania.

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June 18, 2024 | 10:30 pm

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