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NFL informs teams supplemental draft will not be held in 2024, per report

For the fourth year in a row, no one will be selected in the NFL supplemental draft. The NFL has informed teams that the supplemental draft will not take place in 2024, according to Sports Illustrated.ย 

The two players eligible last year were not drafted and this event was not held in 2020, 2021 or 2022.ย 

This draft serves players in a unique position, who in most cases have experienced a change in eligibility. If a player is ruled ineligible for the college season after the NFL Draft takes place, they have the chance to be part of the supplemental draft and find a team, rather than wait until the next NFL Draft.ย 

Players need to be at least three years removed from high school to be eligible and can apply through the league office.ย 

When the supplemental draft has been held, it goes for seven rounds. Teams are put into three groups based on their results the season prior.ย 

Group one includes teams that had six or fewer wins and did not make the playoffs, the second group are teams that missed the playoffs with six or more wins. The last group is made up of the playoff teams.ย 

Teams submit bids for players and the team highest in the draft order who submits for a player in the earliest round gets to select that player. If a team selects someone in the supplemental draft, it forfeits the pick in the same round of the follow year’s regular draft.ย 

The last team to make a selection in the supplemental draft was the Arizona Cardinals, when they picked safety Jalen Thompson in the fifth round in 2019.ย 

The supplemental draft began in 1977 and initially was for former college students. Since 1993, players who did not attend college were included.ย 

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Author: Shanna McCarriston
June 26, 2024 | 4:50 pm

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