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2024 NBA Draft Second Round Results: Mogbo To Raptors, Filipowski To Jazz, Bronny To Lakers

The second round of the 2024 NBA Draft began with Jonathan Mogbo and Kyle Filipowski coming off the board, while Bronny James was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers at No. 55 toward the end.ย 

Second Round
31. Raptors (from Pistons via Knicks and Clippers): Jonathan Mogbo
32. Jazz (from Wizards via Pistons and Nets): Kyle Filipowski
33. Bucks (from Blazers via Kings): Tyler Smith
34. Knicks (from Hornets via Nuggets, Thunder, Pelicans, Blazers): Tyler Kolek
35. Pacers (from Spurs): Johnny Furphy
36. Spurs (from Raptors via 76ers, Clippers, Grizzlies and Pacers): Juan Nunez
37. Pistons (from Grizzlies via Lakers, Wizards, Thunder, Wolves): Bobi Klintman
38. Thunder (from Jazz, Knicks): Ajay Mitchell
39. Grizzlies (from Nets via Rockets): Jaylen Wells
40. Suns (from Hawks, Blazers, Knicks): Oso Ighodaro
41. 76ers (from Bulls via Celtics, Spurs and Pelicans): Adem Bona
42. Hornets (from Rockets via Thunder): KJ Simpson
43. Hawks (from Heat): Nikola Durisic
44. Heat (from Warriors via Hawks, Rockets, Hawks): Pelle Larsson
45. Raptors (from Kings): Jamal Shead
46. Clippers (from Pacers via Grizzlies and Bucks): Cam Christie
47. Magic: Antonio Reaves
48. Spurs (from Lakers via Grizzlies): Harrison Ingram
โ€” 76ers (forfeited)
49. Pacers (from Cavaliers): Tristen Newton
50. Pacers (from Pelicans): Enrique Freeman
51. Mavericks (from Suns, Wizards, Knicks): Melvin Ajinca
52. Thunder (from Bucks via Pacers, Warriors): Quinten Post
53. Grizzlies (from Knicks via 76ers, Hornets, Pistons, Wolves): Cam Spencer
54. Celtics (from Mavericks via Kings): Anton Watson
55. Lakers (from Clippers): Bronny James
56. Suns (from Timberwolves via Thunder, Nuggets): Kevin McCullar
57. Raptors (from Thunder via Rockets, Hawks, Grizzlies): Ulrich Chomache
โ€” Suns (from Nuggets via Magic; forfeited by Suns)
58. Knicks (from Celtics via Hornets, Mavericks): Ariel Hukporti

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June 27, 2024 | 9:30 pm

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